Egna låtar

Här följer ett urval av de låtar jag gjort. Jag finns också på Soundcloud.

Space synth
Returning From Mission
Returning Fom Mission ” remix av ”Encore”
Agathars Limit ” remix av ”Rizzo från MindXpander”
Automatic Workers
The Settlement
Lightspeed Syndrome
Starfield Simulation
The Escape From Alpha One
Unknown Destination
Flying Low
The ghosts of Alpha One
Agathars limit, 2013 remix
Popcorn – Parakeet Seed Mix
”The forgotten”
Automatic workmachines” 2015 remix
Starfield Simulation” 2015 remix

Signals From a Distant Time
Very Small UFO`s
Just Cruising

Electronic Transportation
Syncronized” remix
Catch the Lightning
Facts of Sweden
Dreaming around
Pater Noster
Shiny Winter Star
Deutsche Bahn” (20130811)
Clear Lane” (20131215)
Holiday In Thula (Taiga Disco)” 2014-04-21) On Soundcloud
Sushi Bar Ninja” 2014-08-23 (Soundcloud) 
Red storm rising” 2015-05-11 (Soundcloud)
Veloce Italiane” 2015-08-15 (Soundcloud)
Cocta Haze” 2015-08-27 (Soundcloud)
Wargames” 2015-08-30 (Soundcloud)

Skumma saker
Nightbirds flight
The Search for Ancient Gods
In the Chamber of the Ancient Gods
In the labyrinth
Desert Dawn 3000 B.C .”
Judgemaster” with Mattias Rydell from Hellspray
Pentagram (song of Satan” with Mattias Rydell from Hellspray